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Artugmented Reality

AR•BOOK is an iOS augmented reality app built from the ground up, specifically for contemporary art books. Viewing an augmented reality book through a mobile phone or tablet expands the viewing experience of the printed page and allows traditional print to be paired with video, animation, sound, sculpture and more.

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Scorpion Dagger →
Scorpion Dagger Aygmented Book

A Window Into The Artwork

Hover an iOS device with the AR•BOOK app over the pages of an Anteism AR publication to reveal another facet of the artwork. Don't have an AR book? The app comes with 5 free Scorpion Dagger Art prints that are fully animated when viewed through AR•BOOK.

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Francis Adair Mckenzie →

Scorpion Dagger
Anteism's First Augmented Artist Book

Scorpion Dagger's hilarious gif animations look beautiful as a standalone image. AR•BOOK comes with 5 free Scorpion Dagger Art prints you can print off on your home printer. View these prints with AR•BOOK to see the print come to life.

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Try Augmented Reality

Download AR•BOOK and receive 5 Free Scorpion Dagger art prints to explore the possibilities of augmented reality.

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